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So, you have unhealthy friends.

After my skin breakdown on day 2, (which I'm pleased to say I have been healing well and controlling my mirror time ever since,) I still felt healthier, and lighter with a well-balanced mood. Great! Things really seemed to be on the right track. Then, as life seems to go, just when you think you… Continue reading So, you have unhealthy friends.

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The Problem with Picking

Finally! Back home in my little apartment. Doesn't coming home always feel so good? All your favourite things are there, its smells like you (something that you might not have appreciated before being away), and every where you look there are pieces of your life and memories lovingly scattered amongst the furniture. I love the… Continue reading The Problem with Picking

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For the love of Salads <3

So Day 1 of my new Keto-Vegan challenge went fairly well... although I happen to be house sitting at the moment so I am slightly less organized then usual! The food options here are sparse and certainly not very vegan-friendly. I did grocery shop for the first few days I was here, but seeing as… Continue reading For the love of Salads ❤

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New Challenges: The Keto Vegan Diet (sort of)

Okay, so after my juice cleanse I'm feeling some confidence in my abilities to change my habits and relationship to food. As a vegan, I have no problems enjoying eating primarily plant based meals. I know, I'm really lucky I actually LOVE veggies and fruits. I didn't even know until I became an adult that… Continue reading New Challenges: The Keto Vegan Diet (sort of)

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Making Plans: The Bodywork

Let's take a moment to address one of the most common issues women of today face when it comes to finding their happiness. Body Image. Ugh. Aren't we all exhausted of talking about this? Seeing our favourite yogi/model/fitness guru's from L.A. show their abs on a pizza shaped pool floatie (psh... like you ever eat… Continue reading Making Plans: The Bodywork

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New Beginnings…I Hope.

I always loved a fresh start. My whole life I enjoyed the first day of school, the first start of my extra curricular classes of the year even Monday's offer so much promise and possibilities to come from the perspective of newness. What I lack, as an easily distracted and low-will power woman, is the… Continue reading New Beginnings…I Hope.